Apps Tailored for Staff Efficiency and Public Accessibility

Purple Binder has two different types of apps in our toolkit. One is designed for use by clinical and professional staff, and another is designed for public accessibility.

The clinic-facing app is designed for use by staff who frequently make community referrals. At current deployments, users include:

  • case managers
  • care coordinators
  • social workers
  • physicians
  • community health workers

The public-facing app is designed to be accessible from any internet-connected device. It takes advantage of mobile features such as geolocation to find services near you. This app is tailored for use by laypeople seeking services for themselves and their families.

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The Purple Binder team is invested in making their tool the best it can be.

-- Amelia M., Manager, Research Study
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Launch an online health portal, or integrate into an existing one

Both the clinical and public apps can be deployed as a standalone solution or integrated into existing systems.

The clinic-facing and public-facing apps can be integrated together to create a patient or member portal solution. Here’s how it works:

  1. A case manager or social worker uses the clinical application to create an online “binder” of services for an individual or family.
  2. The case manager texts the patient a unique URL to access the binder.
  3. The patient can access the binder from any computer, tablet, or phone.

Which solution is best for my organization?

Health systems, FQHCs, and payors tend to deploy Purple Binder’s clinical application. Cities and foundations tend to deploy the public-facing application. But it really depends on what you’re looking to accomplish.

Clinical App Features

  • Web-based application requires no installation and is usable from any computer or tablet
  • Search for services by detailed criteria including such as geography, service domain, payment options, and age
  • Access curated “binders” of services that are tailored to specific patient populations and conditions
  • Purple Binder’s platform architecture can supply data in any format required for integration with EHR and case management
  • Record service quality, points of contact, and other peer knowledge with ratings, reviews, and notes
  • Service listings include detailed, crucial information about exactly who is eligible for a service and how to access it
  • Service listings are created and updated by Purple Binder’s research team

Public App Features

  • Accessible from any internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
  • Customized branding with a special domain name, your logo, colors, and message
  • Service listings are created and updated by Purple Binder’s research team
  • Based on open-source technology developed by Code for America
  • Search for services by detailed criteria tailored for your population
  • Release content publicly as open data in standard format
  • Find services near you with geolocation
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