Understand your population’s needs to serve them better and reduce costs of care.

Here are some examples of the questions that Purple Binder answers through reporting and analytics:

  • What percentage of your population needs referrals for housing?
  • Do people living in a particular zipcode seek substance abuse treatment more often than their neighbors?
  • Did a recent reduction in SNAP benefits affect the number of people seeking extra food?

Each Purple Binder deployment creates a rich datasource about the needs of a community. The questions above are not made-up examples – our team has encountered and answered them in the real world.

of all referrals are for housing

At one hospital, we found that about 35% of patients with social issues needed referrals to housing. How many people in your population need community referrals?

Needs can vary widely by geography. For example, although housing is by far the greatest unmet need in Chicago, referrals in a city in southern California break down very differently.

When federal SNAP benefits were cut in late 2013, the number of people seeking referrals to food pantries quintupled. This was an astounding result, and we wrote a well-received blog post about food access and SNAP cuts.

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Purple Binder gives you more insight into barriers to health and the resources that can help.

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