Purple Binder is your solution to a healthier community

Purple Binder makes it easy to refer people to community services that keep them healthier.

Purple Binder is a key partner who supports our Urban Health mission by helping us address the social determinants of health in the communities we serve.
Stephen Brown, Emergency Medicine, UI Health

Community research by a team of experienced social workers drives Purple Binder’s listings of community services. Each listing goes beyond basic contact information to specify eligibility requirements, intake process, waitlists, and other details for each program. Each program is vetted and no one can pay to be included.

Purple Binder is used in clinical settings by professionals like social workers, case managers, nurses, physician’s assistants, and others. We also have a platform that’s built specifically for public access.

Every Purple Binder implementation comes with a standard set of reports and analytics which can be easily customized.

Purple Binder is building a referral network to close the loop on referrals between health systems and community organizations.

In addition to reading our website, you’re always welcome to contact us directly. We’re collaborators by nature and would love to hear from you.