Project Description


The City of Pomona, east of Los Angeles, lies at the edge of three different counties and has a population of 150,000.

They worked with Purple Binder to build the online portion of Pomona’s Promise, part of the city’s Collaborative Impact program. Residents and community agencies in Pomona have easy access to the resources they need, from housing to healthcare.

“Residents and community partners find it easy to use and a great way to find out what’s happening in Pomona.”
— Andrea Rico, City Project Manager

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“Pomona has a wealth of resources for its residents. The difficult part for the City was making the community aware of what was available. We wanted one solution everyone could access that would be easy to use,” said Andrea Rico, Youth and Family Services Manager.

Pomona needed an innovative, turnkey solution to manage information on community resources, events and news. With the help of Purple Binder, The City of Pomona created Pomona’s Promise, a single, online portal for residents to access community services, a calendar of events, and local news and announcements.

The online portal improves communication and resource sharing between the City, community organizations and residents. It also helps the City meet its goals to promote healthy development of its children and youth.

Gathering data on community needs

Data from use of the site allows the city to see what residents need in realtime. For instance, within the first month of launching Pomona’s Promise, over 35% of visitors to the site looked for health and mental health related services. The City of Pomona uses this data to allocate resources where they are most needed.

Designing a community of care

Community stakeholders participated in one-on-one interviews and group meetings to provide input on the design of Pomona’s Promise. Along the way, the Purple Binder team identified  the community’s most needed services, including housing and mental health counseling.

Based on the identified needs, Purple Binder’s Research Team contacted over 500 community organizations to gather information about their programs’ eligibility, costs, waitlists and intake process. All of this information, not traditionally available online, was made accessible to residents through Pomona’s Promise, an online health portal.

Purple Binder’s Research Team continues to contact these organizations on an ongoing basis to ensure the information in the portal is up-to-date. Pomona’s Promise users can also suggest additions and report corrections.

Community-wide accessibility with the click of a button

Pomona’s Promise is now the “go-to” site for local resources and information. Residents can find services and events, and subscribe to Pomona announcements. The site is mobile-friendly and works on any device.

Users of the site can even use their phone’s geolocation feature to find services, like fitness classes or food pantries, near them.

“We’ve gotten great reactions to the web portal that we built with Purple Binder, in support of Pomona’s Promise,” Rico says. “Residents and community partners find it easy to use and a great way to find out what’s happening in Pomona. Our community organizations are also excited to build awareness of their programs and activities. We are thrilled with the outcomes we’ve seen so far.”

Pomona’s Promise helps residents overcome barriers to care. Residents are empowered with the tools and information they need to access critical services through the searchable community services page.