Mission or Business Case: Who Pays for Community Health?

Join Purple Binder for a discussion on community health As the US healthcare system transitions away from fee-for-service compensation, health systems must begin to take a broader view of the care that they provide. Broader than the clinic: The health system is now responsible for what happens outside the four walls of the clinic, and [...]

Federal Panel on Social Determinants of Health

On February 3rd, 2015, Purple Binder took part in a panel on the social determinants of health at the ONC's annual meeting. The ONC is a commonly-used name for the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. They are the federal agency that regulates and certifies electronic medical records.   https://twitter.com/mayauppaluru/status/562668549064622083 https://twitter.com/mayauppaluru/status/562664899130949635 The panel was covered in a brief [...]

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(VIDEO) US DHHS CTO Bryan Sivak discusses Purple Binder

Bryan Sivak, CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services, discusses Purple Binder and the importance of open data. (Click through to get to the video!)  

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A Lean Approach to Self-Sustainability

For the past several years, the philanthropic world has tested strategies to create programs that don’t rely solely on grant dollars. Because self-sustaining programs can have impact beyond the duration of a grant, they are a more efficient use of philanthropic funds. In this post, I’m going to examine two different examples of how grant-funded [...]

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HealthData.gov: Transforming Community Services

This post originally appeared on HealthData.gov, the US Department of Health and Human Services' online data portal. In an age when everything seems to be online, finding information about community services is hard. Though backed by billions of dollars of government and philanthropic funds, community services remain difficult for those in need to find and [...]

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Demand for Food Surges in Wake of SNAP Cuts

Lakeview Food Pantry -- photo by yooperann (flickr)One of the biggest ways that government fights hunger is through food stamps, officially known as SNAP. These days, you get a card that you can use to buy groceries. It's a direct cash subsidy that can only be used to buy food. This fall has been full [...]

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Innovation and Change in the Non-Profit Sector

I recently came across a great post on the Idealist Blog: “3 Tips for making the most of failure.” In the post, Christine Prefontaine offers her insights into how innovators in the non-profit sector can learn from failure. […]

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