Interview with Founder Joseph Flesh

Cosima Gretton, a UK-based healthtech innovator, published an interview with Purple Binder founder Joseph Flesh featuring the company as Startup of the Month. Joseph talks about the vision behind the company and how Purple Binder fits into the future of healthcare Click here to read: Startup of the Month: Purple Binder Here are some excerpts from [...]

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Purple Binder is first vendor to implement Open Referral

Purple Binder is the first platform to use the Open Referral data standard to transmit community service data between applications. We're backing new data standards to foster an open ecosystem of technology. For more context, check out our guest post on the Open Referral blog! Purple Binder’s API is the first to use the Open Referral standard [...]

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Why Startups Are Always 70% There

Purple Binder founder Joseph Flesh recently published an article about how mentorship and collaboration are key ingredients for starting a new venture. Read the article on Linkedin.

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Tackling the Future

Over the past few months, we've been reevaluating how Purple Binder manages data about social services. When Purple Binder first launched, we wanted to give everybody access to comprehensive, accurate information about community resources -- for free. We envisioned that all of the information on the site would be crowdsourced from our users, like on [...]

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Innovation and Change in the Non-Profit Sector

I recently came across a great post on the Idealist Blog: “3 Tips for making the most of failure.” In the post, Christine Prefontaine offers her insights into how innovators in the non-profit sector can learn from failure. […]

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Planting the Seeds

Maybe you’ve heard, “you’re only as good as your sources,” or “knowledge is power,” or even “fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” Here at Purple Binder, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why this summer a team of Callers, or as we like to call ourselves, the Purple People, has been researching, checking and double-checking [...]

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The Pilot Goes Public

Six weeks ago, we decided to run with an idea that we’d been mulling for a while: building a tool that helps social workers and hospitals find, track, and share social services. We started talking to social workers and building a basic prototype of the site. Three weeks ago, we gave a small group of folks the [...]

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A Smarter Safety Net

These days, it seems like internet is eating the world. Looking for a place to grab a bite? There’s a site for that. Searching for a good doctor? Ditto. Shopping for a new home? The web’s got your back. You’d be forgiven, then, for thinking that everything is online. But it’s not - not even close. Take [...]

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