Community Health Roundup

Mission or Business Case: Who Pays for Community Health?

Join Purple Binder for a discussion on community health As the US healthcare system transitions away from fee-for-service compensation, health systems must begin to take a broader view of the care that they provide. Broader than the clinic: The health system is now responsible for what happens outside the four walls of the clinic, and [...]

Community Health Round-Up #6

This week we’ve rounded-up a couple articles featuring “low-tech” innovations in healthcare. Promising Practices Nation’s first 24 hour nurse line saves doctors from burnout and patients from trips to the emergency room (Huffington Post) “It has provided a basic form of health care to thousands of uninsured people who have no other access to care. It [...]

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Community Health Round-Up #5

This week’s Community Health Round-Up demonstrates how healthcare is a community-based and community-wide issue. Promising Practices Coordinated care model bridges gap between health and social services (Health Affairs) “Oregon’s recently released mid-year Health System Transformation progress report shows continuing improvements in areas such as enrollment in patient-centered primary care homes and decreases in emergency department [...]

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Community Health Round-Up #3

This week's Community Health Round-Up features innovations by patients, providers and entrepreneurs to improve health outcomes. Promising Practices Veterans’ clinic reduces ER visits by 70% and hospital readmissions by 66% (California Health Report) “True value comes from not just treating symptoms but addressing the conditions that make people sick in the first place.” ACA spurs hospitals [...]

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Community Health Round-Up #2

This week's Community Health Round-Up features research on the early impact of the Affordable Care Act on patients and community health centers, and new technology that helps patients and health officials make decisions about health and wellness. Promising Practices New resource sharing model changes landscape of rural health care (Niagara Frontier Publications) “The model has broad [...]

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Community Health Round-Up #1

Community health is a young field. New developments happen all the time, but the Purple Binder team couldn't find a single source of news that had all of the information we wanted. That's what inspired us to start our Community Health Roundup. We figured that if we were looking for this news, others in the community health [...]

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