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Care Pathways and Community Health

This post originally appeared as a guest post on the Health Data Consortium blog.

More healthcare systems and hospitals are entering into shared-risk contracts with insurance companies, making them responsible for a new universe of care. Because healthcare systems are taking on the risk of their patient’s health outcome, it’s no longer enough to treat acute medical crises. Healthcare systems are rethinking care delivery to treat the whole patient, taking into account what happens beyond the four walls of the clinic.

Many refer to this strategic shift as the population health journey. (Being an avid traveler myself, that is probably my favorite […]

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Demand for Food Surges in Wake of SNAP Cuts

Lakeview Food Pantry

Lakeview Food Pantry — photo by yooperann (flickr)

One of the biggest ways that government fights hunger is through food stamps, officially known as SNAP. These days, you get a card that you can use to buy groceries. It’s a direct cash subsidy that can only be used to buy food.

This fall has been full of bad news for people who depend on SNAP to feed themselves and their families.  On November 1st, food stamp extensions from the American Recovery and […]

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New Community Partnerships in Chicago

hrc_training Members of the Hope Response Coalition and Purple Binder President Joseph Flesh in a training session at SER in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

This was a busy week for Purple Binder, as we welcomed two new organizations into our ever growing group of partners across the City of Chicago:

Welcome to the Domestic Violence Help Line  and the Hope Response Coalition!

The Help Line is a free and confidential number, called day and night as a resource for domestic violence services.  It is for victims, family, friends, perpetrators and professionals. […]

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Tackling the Future

Over the past few months, we’ve been reevaluating how Purple Binder manages data about social services.

When Purple Binder first launched, we wanted to give everybody access to comprehensive, accurate information about community resources — for free. We envisioned that all of the information on the site would be crowdsourced from our users, like on Wikipedia.

In practice, this turned out not to work as well as we had hoped.  While quite a high percentage of users were contributing information (8% if you’re curious), it wasn’t enough to keep our data fresh. The past year especially has been a […]

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Chicago Service Finder Launched


The Chicago Service Finder app

Purple Binder is partnering with the City of Chicago’s Department of Family Support Services (DFSS) to make the services that they fund more accessible to all Chicagoans.

Together, we’ve launched a site that lets citizens find all of the services funded by DFSS — including detailed information on eligibility, hours, and intake. Check it out at chicagoservicefinder.com.

More info coming soon!

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Joining Intel for Civic Innovation

Purple Binder has been selected to participate in the Intel Innovation Pipeline, a project led by SecondMuse and the Business Innovation team at Intel. SecondMuse are the folks behind the National Day for Civic Hacking.

Though the Innovation Pipeline, Purple Binder will gain access to a machine learning and intelligent analytics platform that we’re going to put to work improving our data. We’re looking forward to collaborating with the friendly visionaries at Intel and SecondMuse.

We’re excited to meet our fellow participants in the Pipeline over the coming weeks and let you know all about it!

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