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Why Startups Are Always 70% There

Purple Binder founder Joseph Flesh recently published an article about how mentorship and collaboration are key ingredients for starting a new venture. Read the article on Linkedin.

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(VIDEO) US DHHS CTO Bryan Sivak discusses Purple Binder

Bryan Sivak, CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services, discusses Purple Binder and the importance of open data. (Click through to get to the video!)


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A Lean Approach to Self-Sustainability

For the past several years, the philanthropic world has tested strategies to create programs that don’t rely solely on grant dollars. Because self-sustaining programs can have impact beyond the duration of a grant, they are a more efficient use of philanthropic funds.

In this post, I’m going to examine two different examples of how grant-funded programs can become self-sustaining. One, Health Leads, is a large organization with over 70 staff. The other, Ohana, is an open-source software project with three full-time contributors.

Health Leads took shape as an organization while funded by grant dollars. It’s possible […]

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Presenting on the main stage at Health Datapalooza

Purple Binder has been selected for a main stage presentation on June 2nd at Health Datapalooza, a conference run by the Health Data Consortium on Washington, D.C. We’re excited to share our message with over 2,500 policymakers and health innovators.

For a taste of what we’ll be talking about there, have a look at our guest blog post on HealthData.gov, Transforming How People Find Community Services.

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HealthData.gov: Transforming Community Services

This post originally appeared on HealthData.gov, the US Department of Health and Human Services’ online data portal. In an age when everything seems to be online, finding information about community services is hard. Though backed by billions of dollars of government and philanthropic funds, community services remain difficult for those in need to find and access. To address the issue, community organizations should publicly publish information about the services that they offer. Let’s step back for a moment and define our terms. I’m going to use community services to refer to any kind of need-based care or assistance that a person might […]

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Purple Binder in Businessweek and ModernHealthcare

Bloomberg Businessweek has a write-up on startups getting a boost from the Affordable Care Act, including Purple Binder, Direct Dermatology, Polyglot Systems, and Propellor Health.

ModernHealthcare has a video report on Healthbox, the healthcare IT accelerator that we’ve been part of for the past few months. The second half of the segment features Purple Binder.

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