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Purple Binder is first vendor to implement Open Referral

Purple Binder is the first platform to use the Open Referral data standard to transmit community service data between applications.

We’re backing new data standards to foster an open ecosystem of technology. For more context, check out our guest post on the Open Referral blog!

Purple Binder’s API is the first to use the Open Referral standard to transmit social services data between two applications. Through Open Referral, organizations like Purple Binder, Code for America, and information-and-referral providers across the country are working together to demonstrate that social service directory information can and should be made available through open […]

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Community Health Round-Up #2

This week’s Community Health Round-Up features research on the early impact of the Affordable Care Act on patients and community health centers, and new technology that helps patients and health officials make decisions about health and wellness.

Promising Practices

New resource sharing model changes landscape of rural health care (Niagara Frontier Publications)
“The model has broad potential applications in both public and private health care organizations, however, and suggests a number of methods by which rural health programs in particular can save money and preserve services.”

Research & Policy


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Community Health Round-Up #1

Community health is a young field. New developments happen all the time, but the Purple Binder team couldn’t find a single source of news that had all of the information we wanted. That’s what inspired us to start our Community Health Roundup. We figured that if we were looking for this news, others in the community health space would be as well.

We’re collecting the latest updates on community health and publishing the best of it in this digest. This will be a weekly feature, but sometimes we’ll wait a few extra days to publish. If you have suggestions on what to cover, please feel […]

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Purple Binder profiled in VentureBeat

VentureBeat published an article about the work we’re doing to connect healthcare systems with social services:

Frye and Flesh’s startup, Purple Binder, started out by offering an app that lists a smorgasbord of social services (mental health clinics, job training, food pantries, literacy classes, etc.) offered in and around Chicago, as well as a way for users to grade the services. It was indeed a “Yelp for social services,” as some in the media called it.

It’s now in the pilot stages of a new program called “Closing the Loop” with […]

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Purple Binder profiled in ChicagoInno

An interview with Purple Binder CTO Declan Frye in ChicagoInno.

“I think this is a time when healthcare is changing really fast, and we are really excited to be at MATTER and to stay plugged into the community,” Frye said. “We were in 1871 when that first opened, and that was a really amazing hub of ideas and people. We believe that MATTER’s going to be the same thing. It’s going to be the best and most creative people working in healthcare in Chicago today.”

Find the whole article here:
Yelp For Social Services, […]

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Purple Binder accepted to MATTER healthtech incubator

Purple Binder is part of the latest round of companies selected to participate in Chicago’s MATTER healthtech incubator.

We were one of the first companies to move into 1871 when it first opened, ushering in a coming-of-age for digital startups in Chicago. And we’re excited to do the same at MATTER.

Here is the original article in the Chicago Tribune.

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