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Closing the Loop in Sonoma County: Part I

This is the first of a 3-part series highlighting a collaborative of organizations in Sonoma County that use Purple Binder’s Referral Network to connect patients to vital social supports when they most need it. The collaborative includes West County Health Centers, Petaluma Health Center, St. Joseph Hospital, Petaluma People Services Center, and Food for Thought.

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Housing

Sonoma County’s healthcare and housing organizations provide critical supports for the county’s homeless population, but it can be difficult for them to coordinate care.

As more research demonstrates housing’s impact on healthproviders […]

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A One-Stop Shop to Address Social Determinants and Reduce ER Utilization

The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System (UI Health) launched an initiative focusing on its most complex and costly patients – those frequently visiting the emergency room (ER). The initiative uses interdisciplinary care coordination to address the medical and psychosocial determinants of health. It aims to improve patients’ health and reduce the need for ER visits and hospital admissions. To meet this aim, UI care managers needed to keep patients healthy in their communities.

Stephen Brown, Director of Preventive Emergency Medicine, UI Health

“We needed a source where our social workers could […]

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Health Beyond the Health Center Walls

Purple Binder at Access Community Health Network This is a dynamic time in health care. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health care providers are finding new, innovative ways to engage and treat patients between visits.

With its focus on preventive and primary care, the Affordable Care Act heightened the importance of holistic care. This includes integrating social supports such as food assistance and housing that patients might need, but are not typically services that health systems provide. And with good reason–a 2011 study published in the American Journal of Public Health found that social factors, including […]

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How Patient Navigators Saved Thanksgiving

How Patient Navigators Saved Thanksgiving The afternoon before Thanksgiving, patient navigator Emma Villarreal completed a PArTNER post-discharge home visit with Myra*, a participant in the PArTNER program, who had been discharged from the hospital a few days before. Myra, age 75, was a shy widow with worried eyes and a warm smile. She welcomed the patient navigator into her sparingly furnished apartment, apologizing for the disarray and explaining that she had been unwell and unable to care for her home for a while. 

In a corner of the room was a small desk covered with […]

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How CHWs Build a Foundation of Trust

Foundation of Trust: How Community Health Workers Address the Social Determinants of Health The best patient care is built on a foundation of trust. At every point of care, a patient needs to trust that the person providing their care is knowledgeable and has their best interests in mind.

Doctors build trust through their bedside manner and medical expertise. Community health workers (CHWs) build trust as peers, through intimate knowledge of the patient’s community.

Guidance from community health workers is key for Maria, mother to 11-year-old Alex. Alex has chronic asthma which is exacerbated by their living conditions. […]

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Community Health: More Than Healthcare

Many thanks to the audience of 75  that joined us at MATTER on June 30. We heard from a distinguished group of panelists as they discussed new approaches to community health. The panel included:

  • Jay Bhatt, Chief Health Officer, Illinois Hospital Association; former Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Helath
  • Raul Garza, President & CEO, Aunt Martha’s, a large network of healthcare clinics and social services
  • Clarita Santos, Senior Director of Community Health Initiatives, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Robert Winn, Associate VP of Community-Based Practice, University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System
  • Ariana Klitzner, VP of Provider Services, AVIA Health innovation (moderator)

We started by asking the panel […]

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