Cosima Gretton, a UK-based healthtech innovator, published an interview with Purple Binder founder Joseph Flesh featuring the company as Startup of the Month. Joseph talks about the vision behind the company and how Purple Binder fits into the future of healthcare

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Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Why hasn’t anyone else done this before?

There have been many efforts over the years to create search-engine-like tools for social services. But they lack sustainable funding, so inevitably they go out of date and fall by the wayside.

Recently, there is growing realization that non-medical community services are one of the keys to better healthcare. That’s why we’re in the right place at the right time for Purple Binder.

For instance, if someone is prescribed a medication that they need to take three times daily with food, what happens if they don’t have enough food in their home for three square meals a day? (That’s the case, by the way, for about 1 in 6 Americans.) Connecting that resource-strapped patient with a food pantry is clearly an integral part of their healthcare.

What does healthcare look like in 10 years time? And how does Purple Binder fit into that?

Our view of what constitutes healthcare is going to expand. Healthcare will no longer be just what you get at the doctor’s office or the clinic. Whether you belong to a strong community will be a healthcare issue; whether you are food-secure will be a healthcare issue. Because those are unequivocally factors that impact your health.

We built Purple Binder as a bridge to connect the existing healthcare system with all of the services that address these social factors in people’s health.

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