On February 3rd, 2015, Purple Binder took part in a panel on the social determinants of health at the ONC’s annual meeting.

The ONC is a commonly-used name for the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. They are the federal agency that regulates and certifies electronic medical records.


The panel was covered in a brief by the American Journal of Managed Care:

“The ACA has created, for the first time, a reason for health systems to address social determinants,” Mr. Flesh said.

His company works with health systems and local governments to connect patients with the community services that can help improve their care, like food pantries, community health clinics, churches that provide items to people in need, places that give out free eye glasses, etc.

However, the next step is to gather health outcomes data, he said, and Purple Binder is already [participating in] randomized controlled trials to determine the impact on health outcomes of connecting people to community resources.