Purple Binder is the first platform to use the Open Referral data standard to transmit community service data between applications.

We’re backing new data standards to foster an open ecosystem of technology. For more context, check out our guest post on the Open Referral blog!

Purple Binder’s API is the first to use the Open Referral standard to transmit social services data between two applications. Through Open Referral, organizations like Purple Binder, Code for America, and information-and-referral providers across the country are working together to demonstrate that social service directory information can and should be made available through open platforms. This is our first glimpse of what that can look like.

At Purple Binder, we support open data standards so that people can work together to solve tough problems. Open standards enable innovators to be focused on developing the best possible products without creating a fragmented landscape of siloed technologies. It’s our hope that through standards like Open Referral, innovations will converge towards an open ecosystem of tools and services that all work well for people.

mRelief is an app which allows people to easily determine whether they can receive public benefits. Through an integration with Purple Binder, mRelief users can find community services near them. The apps transmit information through Purple Binder’s API, which implements the Open Referral standard.

We are a collaborative organization and would love to connect with others who are interested in using tech to serve their community. Please feel free to reach out!