This week’s Community Health Round-Up features innovations by patients, providers and entrepreneurs to improve health outcomes.

Promising Practices

Veterans’ clinic reduces ER visits by 70% and hospital readmissions by 66% (California Health Report)
“True value comes from not just treating symptoms but addressing the conditions that make people sick in the first place.”

ACA spurs hospitals to assess and address community needs (Crain’s Detroit Business)
“The community health needs assessment … process was intended by policymakers to encourage hospitals to reach out into their community, work with like-minded organizations, and develop or expand programs to improve the health of populations — rich or poor — within their reach.”

Research & Policy

A cluster RCT examines impact of addressing social determinants of health (Pediatrics)
“Systematically screening and referring for social determinants during well child care can lead to the receipt of more community resources for families.”

Tweets predict heart disease and community health (Gigaom)
“At the county level, the Penn study’s findings about language sentiment turn out to be more predictive of heart disease than any other individual factor — including income, smoking and hypertension.”


Patients pay out of pocket for concierge doctors (Chicago Tribune)
“More people are taking matters into their own hands. Instead of using their health insurance for all of their care, they’re going off the grid and paying cash so that they can see the doctors they choose or get the drugs they prefer.”

Trends in healthcare industry bring medicine closer to consumers’ personalized needs (Forbes)
“The Annual JP Morgan conference is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and venture investors to learn where the big players think U.S. healthcare is going, and how they plan to play.”