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Purple Binder profiled in VentureBeat

VentureBeat published an article about the work we're doing to connect healthcare systems with social services: Frye and Flesh’s startup, Purple Binder, started out by offering an app that lists a smorgasbord of social services (mental health clinics, job training, food pantries, literacy classes, etc.) offered in and around Chicago, as well as a way for [...]

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Purple Binder profiled in ChicagoInno

An interview with Purple Binder CTO Declan Frye in ChicagoInno. "I think this is a time when healthcare is changing really fast, and we are really excited to be at MATTER and to stay plugged into the community," Frye said. "We were in 1871 when that first opened, and that was a really amazing hub [...]

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Purple Binder accepted to MATTER healthtech incubator

Purple Binder is part of the latest round of companies selected to participate in Chicago's MATTER healthtech incubator. We were one of the first companies to move into 1871 when it first opened, ushering in a coming-of-age for digital startups in Chicago. And we're excited to do the same at MATTER. Here is the original [...]

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Why Startups Are Always 70% There

Purple Binder founder Joseph Flesh recently published an article about how mentorship and collaboration are key ingredients for starting a new venture. Read the article on Linkedin.

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